Visit by Professor Gonzalez Rey – 4th and 5th Sept, 2013

empty-audienceAdvance notice for your diaries, a seminar and discussions 4/5 September with Professor Fernandez Gonzalez Rey of the University of Brasilia, Brazil.

Fernando Gonzalez Rey holds a Ph.D in Psychology from the Institute of General and Pedagogical Psychology of Moscow (1979), and was awarded a Doctor in Science from the Institute of Psychology of the Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Union in 1987. He is Cuban, and was full Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Psychology and Vice Rector of the University of Havana between 1985 and 1995.  Since 1995 he  has been living in Brazil. Currently, he is full Professor at the University Center of Brasilia, and Senior Associated Professor at the Faculty of Education of the University of Brasilia. His work re-evaluating the interpretation, contribution and reception of Vygotsky and other sociocultural theorists is internationally reknown.

I had the pleasure of meeting with him and his very interesting group of researchers recently, who are working across a range of arenas – some not usually associated with sociocultural work including mental health outreach policy and aftercare, teacher training curriculum development and practice for teachers working in very poor rural contexts and school ethnographies.

Professor Gonzalez Rey will be participating in a range of research-related activities during his brief visit.

On Wednesday 4th September, at 4pm there will be a more informal session for people (open to staff and doctoral students) to discuss their interests and current work, and to meet and talk with Professor Gonzalez Rey.

On Thursday 5th September, at 11am, Professor Gonzalez Rey will give a presentation entitled ‘The Unknown Vygotsky’

Both sessions will take place in Room A5.5 (5th floor of the A block of the Ellen Wilkinson building at the University of Manchester)


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