Induction week and roundtables invitation

file4721250781124It’s been a wonderful summer so far but it’s this time of year when we start thinking about Induction week again. As you may remember from previous year, our school is keen to build a strong PGR community and  introduce the new students to our work and experiences early on.
So as part of the Induction programme, I am looking for a few PGR volunteers who have progressed through panel for a Round tables session. I will be coordinating the session with Kelly Watson from Geography as this year we will run it across the 5 disciplines in the new school.

The Round tables will be held on Tuesday, 17th September at 2-4pm, venue TBC. Each volunteer should be prepared to talk briefly about their PhD research and experiences for about 10 minutes. We will pair up 2 volunteers from different disciplines so each session will run for 20 minutes. You will be repeating the session several times speaking to different groups of students. Here are some ideas of what you might want to consider and include:

  • Your methodology and focus of the study
  • PhD experiences at UoM, both positive and negative
  • Training available for PGR students
  • Allow some time for Q&A

If you would like to take part in this session, please let me know as soon as possible by emailing your PhD title and methods.

For those of you new to the Round tables session, here it is how it goes:  The idea of the Round Tables is that the new students get a list of our sessions and details and choose who they want to speak to in small groups. When they come round to us at the tables we tell them about our research, the methods we use and any other aspects of being a PhD student at the School and UoM. Previously each session has ran for about 20 minutes and we repeated all sessions 4-5 times throughout the afternoon (obviously with different students). The difference this year is that there will be two senior PGR students at each table.

If you’re interested please contact Dimi Kaneva (dimitrina.kaneva at


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