Social Theories of Learning 2013/14

Main-library-blue-gound200x156You are invited to join the Social Theories of Learning course (EDUC 70500) for 2013/14.
The STL course is aimed at staff and PhD students who want to develop their work in relation to theory in a supportive and collaborative environment. Whether you consider yourself a novice or an expert you are welcome to come along and join in. Details of the course can be found below.

Our first session takes place on Friday the 27th September from 1-3pm in University Place, Room 3.205.
From 1-2pm there will be a public seminar led by Prof. Etienne Wenger on Why does education need a social learning theory? This seminar is open to all so please feel to attend even if you can’t join the full course. Following this, from 2-3pm, there will be an introductory STL course session for all those who think they might want to take part.
For further details, or to register, please contact david.swanson{at}  We welcome participants from a variety of disciplines and institutions, so please forward this email to anyone you think may be interested.
Social Theories of Learning overview

Over the year you will:
1) Discuss some initial readings from a variety of different theories with the rest of the class.
2) Choose one theoretical strand to study in more depth together in a group, and discuss with the rest of the class what you’ve found.
3) Develop, share and discuss some theoretical work (from any perspective) related to your own research.
4) Receive valuable feedback on an assignment, a draft PhD chapter or paper.

Some of the theories and authors you may engage with on the course include:
Communities of Practice • Discursive Practice • Activity Theory • Figured Worlds • Wenger • Vygotsky • Holland • Foucault • Bourdieu • Bakhtin • Engestrom

Course tutors include: Prof. Etienne Wenger, Prof. Julian Williams, Prof. Erica Burman, Prof. Yvette Solomon, Prof. Tim Dornan

Key dates:
Fri 27th Sept 1-3pm: Intro session including public seminar
Mon 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th Oct (all 10-11.30am): Introductory reading sessions
Mon 4th (1-4pm) and Thu 7th (10-1pm) Nov: Discussions on readings, student contexts and theoretical strands
Nov-Feb: Peer-arranged working group sessions
Mon 24th (1-4pm) and Thu 27th (10-3pm) Feb: Working group presentations
Mar-Apr: Peer-arranged critical support group sessions
Thu 29th Apr (1-4pm) and 1st May (10-4pm): Individual presentations
Fri 13th Jun: Assignment deadline


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