UoM Interdisciplinary Symposium Jan 31 2014

We would like to announce the call for papers for the UoM Interdisciplinary Symposium on Friday January 31 2014.

Funded by the NWTDC, this symposium is a free one-day symposium and workshop event which aims to provide a forum for scholars who would like to share their interdisciplinary work, hear more about the interdisciplinary work undertaken across academic institutions in the North-West, or learn about possibilities for increasing the interdisciplinarity of their own work.

We define interdisciplinarity as any way of working which draws on methods, literature, epistemologies, traditions or theories drawn predominantly from or inspired by another field or discipline. Such boundary work is often highly productive; gaps in the research in one area may be addressed by exploring another.

The creation of the School of Environment, Education and Development at the University of Manchester, as well as the North-West Doctoral Training Centre (NWDTC), provides the inspiration and structural opportunities for collaboration and intellectual cross-fertilisation. This symposium is proposed as a means of realising some of these opportunities.

We are inviting the submission of abstracts (max. 300 words) for presentation (10 mins.) during the panel sessions. Deadline November 15th.

We encourage postgraduates to submit an abstract.

Further information can be found at http://interdisciplinarysymposium.wordpress.com/, or by emailing

Steven Courtney. (steven.courtney@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk)

Su Corcoran. (su.corcoran-2@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk)



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