Research Associate Manchester Institute of Education – Centre of Equity in Education

The Centre of Equity in Education is seeking to appoint a talented individual with knowledge in applying quantitative methods to the evaluation of complex social initiatives (approximately 10 days work).

The position will require developing a plan to evaluate “Children’s Communities (CCs)”, a holistic, long-term, area-based model of intervention. CCs seek to improve outcomes for children and young people from 0-19, in highly disadvantaged geographical areas by intervening simultaneously in a wide range of factors which are believed to shape outcomes locally –for instance, in relation to health, education, housing, employment, community safety. Each CC is required to act on an agreed set of principles, but must develop and implement its own theory of how to change outcomes in its target area and the actions which are required to achieve this. Four pilot Children’s Communities are being established in Collyhurst, Manchester; Ashton-under-Lyne; Wallsend in North Tyneside; and Hackney, London.

A researcher with statistical expertise is required to develop an evaluative model for each Children’s Community which will allow its overall Theory of Change, and specific strands of action within this, to be tested.  The ideal candidate will work closely with the research team primarily to plan the evaluation and analysis protocol, and assess the costs involved.  Dependent on funding, additional opportunities to work on the execution of the pilot may be possible.

Experimental design and allocation will not be practical in this study; therefore familiarity with the following concepts would be an advantage:

–          Sampling bias

–          General linear modelling / Hierarchical modelling for nested data

–          Longitudinal data analysis

–          Latent variable modelling


The ideal candidate will be able to demonstrate experience in similar fields, and should be capable of working under their own initiative, and so excellent organisation and communication skills are also required.

Applications should be sent to Paul Rowbotham (Paul.Rowbotham – at – in the first instance.


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