Dr Louise Younie: Medical Practitioner’s engagement with the creative reflective process. Thursday 5:30, N.I.C. (Bristol, UK)

The Graduate Seminar Series of the Narrative Inquiry Center invites you to join us on Thursday the 21st of November at 5:30, for an exciting presentation by Medical Practitioner and recent graduate Dr Louise Younie.

In her own words:
” My thesis represents two journeys heralded by my experiences of becoming and being a medical practitioner and the different knowledge’s required. The first journey began six years ago with me as clinician and educator inviting students to reflect on their patient encounters through the arts. The second journey is the thesis itself, a heuristic inquiry into medical student learning and development through engaging with the creative-reflective process.

I research student creative-reflective working through their course feedback, student creative texts, through self-dialogue and engaging myself in creative expression and thinking. Key themes that emerge are framed in metaphorical language – voice, space and dialogue. Through this research I have sought to develop an understanding of personal creative-reflective knowledge production and its place within medical education, to hone learning from patient encounters as well as lectures, thereby extending practitioner epistemology.”

The event will take place in room 4.06 at the Graduate School of Education, 35 Berkeley Square, Clifton, Bristol


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