PGR Support Network (pre-panel): 27 November at 1.30pm (University of Manchester)

Main-library-blue-gound200x156Just a reminder that our next PGR Support Network session will take place on Wednesday 27 November at 1,30pm in the same room as before (AG11 on the ground floor of Ellen Wilkinson building). Craig Joyce and Halis Sakiz will be talking about their panel experiences and answering any questions you might have – as usual it will be a very informal and interactive session.

We will also have a student joining us from Human Geography who is interested to get your thoughts on accessing research participants through schools. Although this session is particularly aimed at pre-panel students, everyone is very welcome to come along – especially if you have panel experience you would be willing to share!

Soon we will start to plan sessions for next semester – to help us plan these at the best time for you, could you please let us know when this would be by completing this really short survey:

All responses are anonymous and any feedback you’d like to leave will be used in the planning of future PGRSN sessions.



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