Lacan and Discourse Analysis (University of Manchester)

MONDAY 9 DECEMBER, 6.00-8.00.  

empty-audienceRoom A5.5, Institute of Education, Ellen Wilkinson Building, Institute of Education

University of Manchester, Oxford Road, M13 9PL

David Pavón Cuéllar will speak on Lacan and Discourse Analysis and we will celebrate then and there and/or somewhere after the talk the publication in English ofLacan, Discourse, Event: New Psychoanalytic Approaches to Textual Indeterminacy (London and New York: Routledge) ( The book is also published simultaneously in Spanish as Lacan, Discurso, Acontecimiento: Nuevos Análisis de la Indeterminación Textual (Mexico D.F.: Plaza y Valdés)

David Pavón Cuéllar is Professor of Psychology at Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo in Morelia, Mexico. He has taught psychoanalysis in the University of Paris 8. His book From the Conscious Interior to an Exterior Unconscious: Lacan, Discourse Analysis and Social Psychology, was published by Karnac in 2010. He is the author of Le révolutio-m’être, application des notions lacaniennes à l’analyse de discours en psychologie sociale (Paris, Psychophores, 2006), and co-author of Configuraciones psicoanalíticas sobre espectros y fantasmas (México: Plaza y Valdés, 2011), Zapatismo y Contrazapatismo: cronología de un enfrentamiento (Buenos Aires, Turalia, 1997), and Lucha eperrista, encuentros con el Ejército Popular Revolucionario (EPR) de México (Buenos Aires, Cedema, 2004).


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