Discourse Unit and Manchester Institute of Education

4.00-5.30, December 12th 2013, Room C3.19/20 Ellen Wilkinson Building (University of Manchester)


Signe Juhl Moeller and Thomas Soerensen (University of Copenhagen)

In this session Signe and Thomas will focus on how different types of toys differ in offering access to shared imaginative sessions as well as offer different levels of negotiation (negotiation of the immediate play scenario and negotiation of the “general” play scenario) within the play setting and the findings. They will look at the richness within the data when looking at the difference between the playgroups playing with creative construction and social fantasy toys. Signe and Thomas have produced articles that we can forward to those who would like to attend the session beforehand about a four-month experimental play project set to study the development of children’s creative imagination, and they are working on the concept of transgression (used to analyse change during the experimental part of the play-group study, to capture the moments of development).

Thomas is within philosophy of education and has worked with Fred Newman and Lois Holzman and for the last eight years within educational psychology with Volker Bunzendahl (also affiliated with Lois Holzman) at Aarhus University and University College Nordjylland, as consultants on school development projects in Denmark. Signe is within developmental psychology, and is now at Copenhagen University writing up her PhD (supervised by Mariane Hedegaard). http://psychology.ku.dk/research/ppuk/ Let us know if you want to come along and to get articles to read about this research in advance, Erica Burman (erica.burman@manchester.ac.uk), Ian Parker (ian.parker@manchester.ac.uk) or Julian Williams (julian.williams@manchester.ac.uk)


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