BWPI Seminar, Thursday 16 Jan, 1pm: Jacobus Renken, ‘Revisiting Champions and Leadership in Development’ (Uni of Manchester)

The BWPI work-in-progress seminar will convene once again this coming Thursday. We look forward to seeing you there!

Date: 16 January 2014.

Time: 1pm to 2pm (bring your own lunch).

Place: Arthur Lewis Building 2.036, Amazon Meeting Room (ask at the Information Desk if you don’t have access to the second floor).

PresentationRevisiting Champions and Leadership in Development’

PresenterJacobus Renken, PhD Researcher, IDPM.

Abstract: The importance of champions and leaders in development is widely acknowledged, yet it only appears on the periphery of the research agenda. This situation will be outlined as problematic and constitutes a knowledge gap. New research in development points to the fact that individuals and agency do still matter. This raises a number of interesting research questions in need of answering. As an example of how this topic can be conceptualised and researched, a framework for studying ICT4D project champions will be presented. Ideas for a future research agenda and activities are offered.


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