Upcominb MethodsNW doctoral research clinics – February Events (University of Manchester)

MethodsNW is running a series of doctoral research clinics for PhD students on various aspects of doing a PhD. These clinics are available to all PhD students at institutions throughout the NW but will be particularly useful those in their 1st year.

Limited places are available at each clinic and each will have a panel of up to five academics with expertise in the topic of the clinic. The clinics will involve a mixture of activities, including group work on particular problems facilitated by the academic panel. The clinics are arranged over three days (one at each of the three universities).

Students may sign up for as many as they wish. Please do pass this on to students in your pathways.

Friday 14 February 2014, 2 – 4pm
University of Manchester, Arthur Lewis Boardroom
Researching for a Literature Review
Panel members: Mark Elliot (Social Sciences) Pauline Prevett (SEED) and Ian Fairweather (Humanities) +1 TBC
Booking Form

Friday 14 February 2014, 11am – 1pm
University of Manchester, Arthur Lewis Boardroom
Quantitative Methods
This Clinic is particular aimed at students who might be using quantitative methods as a secondary method but would not regard themselves as doing advanced quants.
Panel members: Mark Elliot (Social Sciences), Mark Tranmer (Social Sciences), Graeme Hutcheson (SEED), YaoJun Li (ISC)
Booking Form


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