Net Positive Student Info – Get involved

The University Environmental Sustainability Team is promoting the following initiative called Net Positive Student.

We all know that we should be doing our bit for the environment – use less energy, recycle more, stuff like that.

As with most things, this is easier said than done. There’s heaps of information out there, it’s hard to make sense of some of it and how do you know it will make a difference anyway?

 And what is a personalised sustainability plan?

Here at the University of Manchester we feel the same way, which is why we’re excited to be able to give you the chance to sign up to Net Positive.

Net Positive is all about accentuating the good stuff that you do, and trying to do less of the bad. The tool is a really simple device that gives you loads of hints and tips to help you make small, positive tweaks to your lifestyle.

If creating your own plan and saving the world wasn’t enough, once you’ve registered with Net Positive you’ll also be in with a chance to win tickets for January’s Pangaea on the 25th.

We’re also keen to know what you think about the tool, so once you’ve signed up and had a play around, give us a shout at and tell us how you got on.

Visit to develop your plan.


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