Manchester Methods Summer School – Registration Open (The University of Manchester)

Manchester Methods Summer School

University of Manchester

7 -11 July, 2014

Join us for the second Manchester methods summer school from 7-11 July 2014 and select one of the following courses:

  • Advanced methods for social network analysis (SNA)
  • Advanced Structural Equation Modelling and Generalized Latent Variable Modelling
  • Creative Approaches to Qualitative Researching
  • Integrated Mixed-Methods Research Including QCA
  • Introduction to social network analysis (SNA) using UCINET and Netdraw
  • Introduction to Statistical Modelling: applying generalized linear models
  • Romani Studies

What we offer

The school offers a range of specialised courses covering a variety of topics that are particularly relevant to postgraduate and ECR research in humanities and social sciences. The selection includes software training, qualitative and quantitative analysis, area studies, and research design. The course content is based on approaches from across the various schools in the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Manchester. We also offer day time catering of the event, optional social outings during the summer school period, and advice on transport and accommodation if you are travelling to Manchester to attend a course.

Courses are offered at competitive rates, places are limited, so please book early to secure your place. The course fee is for a single course, and includes 28 hours of face-to-face teaching over 5 days, and lunch on 4 days.

To book and for more information.


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