SEED Party – 20th March, 6-9pm (University of Manchester)

SEED will be hosting a Party on 20th March 6pm-9pm in the Resource Room of the Arthur Lewis Building located on the ground floor.

This party is a chance to have a catch up, as we rarely get to do with our busy schedules!!  Further, with the PGR conference coming up in May it will be nice to get to know a few more of our fellow colleagues across SEED.

There will be sandwiches, cake, tea/coffee, wine, fruit juices, music and most importantly FUN!

This is a ticket admission only event, so please sign up to the event online at and remember to print off the ticket and bring it with you.

We look forward to seeing you all there!!

Best wishes,

SEED event organisers – (Planning: Angela Neilson, Sara Hassan; Geography: Joanne Egan, Jennifer Campbell, Samantha Wilkinson; Architecture: Jeremy Lecomte; IDPM: Natalie Langford; Education: Sarah Darley-Nolan)


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