NCRM’s research into the teaching and learning of social research methods

ESRC_MG_7963Researchers at the Southampton Hub of the National Centre for Research Methods have been exploring the teaching and learning of social research methods at doctoral level and beyond. This research has involved expert interviews, teaching observations, and focus groups with teachers and learners based on video-stimulated reflection.

As a final stage in our data collection, we are now inviting PhD students and early-career researchers to provide us with feedback on our emerging findings. We have posted short summaries of four key themes from our findings in a format which people can read, comment on, and discuss online: 

Please click on the link to read the findings and respond with your comments. 

These early findings raise some interesting and challenging issues and we are therefore keen to provide an opportunity for PhD candidates and early-career academics to engage with NCRM researchers by providing feedback in response to these. As a source of data for our study, this input will also inform new knowledge of how research skills are learnt by those embarking on academic or research careers.

If you have questions about this project, you may contact Dr Daniel Kilburn (D.F.Kilburn at


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