Next Sarah Fielden Seminar: 7th May 2014

Sarah Fielden Seminar Series: Fanon and the child: pedagogies of subjectification and objectification

Erica Burman

Wednesday 7th May 2014, 5pm

Ellen Wilkinson Building, Room AG3/4

Frantz Fanon’s analysis of colonial experience has widely influenced educational theory and practice. Yet despite much focus on the gendered and sexed dynamics of racialization processes, surprisingly little attention has been given to their intersections with generational relations and the models of children/childhood on which his account relies. Reviewing these features not only strengthens critical engagement with Fanon’s ideas – conceptually, methodologically and in terms of process, but also prompts reassessment of their contemporary relevance for, and corresponding challenges to, current pedagogical and political practice.

NB: Please book a place for the SF seminar via  No booking required for Research Matters


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