Next PGRSN Seminar: Tuesday 13th May – Research Competence in Researching Multilingually

Dear PGR students,

We are really excited to announce that, on our last PGRSN session (post-panel), we will have Dr. Richard Fay, talking about Researcher competence in Researching Multilinguality. This will be an excellent opportunity for those who collect data in another language and write up in English, for example, to discuss related issues. If you are interested in taking part, please register your interest by emailing Joseph Zhang at

Everyone is welcome!

Time: 13.00-15.00 Tuesday 13th May

Venue: C 3.21 Ellen Wilkinson

For more details about this seminar, please see below:

Kind regards

Joseph, Dalal and Kirsty

“Developing Researcher Competence in Researching Multilingually”
Dr Richard Fay
(Tuesday 13th May, 13.00-15.00, C3.21)

As researchers, many of us can call upon several languages in our work, and those studies may also involve, for example:

* participants who can call upon several languages;
* contexts where several languages are important and present;
* literatures written in different languages; and
* publications and presentations for different audiences/readerships for whom different languages may be helpful.

Such possibilities for and complexities of research are the focus of this session on Researching Multilingually. Further complexities may arise when the researchers in question (like yourselves) are embedded in a largely English-medium academic context where the supervisory team may not be familiar with the languages you might reasonably call upon, where the examination (thesis and viva) is typically undertaken through English, and where your choices about the wider presentation of your work may be influenced by the prominent role of English in international research dissemination.

In this support session, I will encourage you to think further about such researching multilingually possibilities and complexities. To do so, I will build upon ideas and material developed during a recent AHRC-funded “Researching Multilingually” networking grant, ideas now being further developed through a recently awarded AHRC three-year large grant.

Your may be interested to note that in both of these AHRC projects PhD alumni of our department – Dr Jane Andrews and Dr Mariam Attia – play a prominent role. Further, my colleague Dr Juup Stelma has contributed significantly to our project thinking by developing a conceptualisation of this area in terms of researcher intentionality.


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