Places available on workshop Impact, research and YOU – making impact personal – Wed 21 May 2014 (University of Manchester)

There are places still available on the workshop Impact, research and YOU – making impact personal,

Date Wednesday 21/05/2014

Time 9:30 – 12:30,

Venue Uni Place 5.211

Book a place here

Overview –

Being able to convincingly articulate the impact you want to create, or are already creating, can be more than just a box-filling exercise for Grant applications or REF. This workshop uses reflection, discussion and creative approaches to explore your motivation for the research you do, the impact you want to create and to identify possible routes to that. Tap into these areas effectively, and we hope that you’ll be able to communicate about impact meaningfully and with conviction, and to see impact as an interesting possibility, rather than as a hurdle.

In accordance with this background, please note that this is a highly interactive and participative workshop – we’d like you to come along ready to think about and share your insights on the impact you wish to create.

Specifically, we’ll work on:

• Your current view of ‘impact’

• Exploring and articulating your motivation for research

• Generating your own view of the impact you’d like to create

• Clarifying who is involved with, or affected by, your research and impact

• Working with others to create possible pathways to impact

For clarity, while in this workshop we won’t present or dwell on the formal impact agenda, and we won’t provide instruction on what to write in the ‘pathways to impact’ section of grant applications.



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