Seminar by Professor Akira Miyazaki on social-emotional learning and mindfulness in Japan – 29th June (Uni of Manchester)

As some of you know, Ann Lendrum and Neil Humphrey have been involved in a project funded by the Daiwa Foundation that has enabled an academic exchange between the University of Manchester and Yamagata University.  We had a very successful trip back in February and later this month our colleague, Akira Miyazaki, will be with us for the return visit.

Akira Miyazaki is a Professor at Yamagata University whose interests centre on social-emotional learning, mindfulness, and counselling psychology. While staying with us, he will lead a seminar entitled, “Social-emotional learning and mindfulness-dohsahou for improved emotional regulation”.  In it he will provide information about the Japanese context and research on social-emotional learning in Japan.  He will then present his work on improving emotional regulation for children with developmental disabilities  – with particular reference to the integration of mindfulness/dohsahua techniques. Akira’s presentations are always thought provoking and interactive – so please do attend if you are free

The seminar is at 10amFriday 29th JuneRoom C3.19/20, in the Ellen Wilkinson Building.  All staff and students are welcome to attend – please feel free to circulate among colleagues



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