Innovation and Commercialisation of Research Course – 7th – 9th July

As you are aware the University is committed to encouraging and supporting its research students to look beyond the lecture theatre and laboratory; and to consider the wider implications and applications of their research.   We are therefore delighted to be offering a short intensive version of the successful Innovation and Commercialisation of Research Course for Postgraduate Researchers. In terms of benefits to researchers they’ll;

  • Develop their knowledge and ability to identify commercial opportunities around your research and the confidence and skills necessary to make them a reality. This will considerably enrich your career prospects – whether in a university setting, a large corporate or an SME; it will also open up the possibility of you starting up your own initiative – creating value for yourself, those you employ and your customers.
  • Learn how to evaluate opportunities and how to present these ideas in order to gain support to develop them.
  • Appreciate the role of creativity in identifying a viable commercial opportunity/idea
  • Understand how important ‘enterprise’ is in turning an idea into an innovation
  • Appreciate the importance of intellectual property in the commercialisation process and be able to search patent databases

The course is scheduled to take place Monday 7th July – Wednesday 9th  July 2014 at Chancellors Conference Centre and those wishing to secure a place should send an email by Monday 23rd June.


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