FREE 3-day course in quantitative analysis: 27-th – 29th Aug

Wednesday 27th- Friday 29th August , 9:30- 5pm
Venue: Basement Cluster, Humanities Bridgeford Street
Tutor: Graeme Hutcheson

This course provides a general introduction to analysing data using statistical models. Over three days, participants are guided through the process of defining statistical models, inputting these models into a statistical analysis package and then interpreting and presenting the results. Emphasis is placed on the use and interpretation of graphical methods for analysis, which enable detailed analysis without the need for advanced statistical or mathematical knowledge.

Data are analysed using Generalized Linear Models, which allow the analysis of many types of numeric and categorical data.
Lectures are combined with computer exercises to provide hands-on experience of data analysis. The computer software “R” is used extensively in conjunction with the R-commander and the R-studio to provide a simple and powerful analysis platform. No prior experience or expertise with this software is required. Although all software and material is provided that runs on the net-worked computers provided, participants may run the software on their own computers (Linux, Mac or windows) and are encouraged to bring lap-tops.

Full participation in the course does not require advanced statistical or computer skills.

To book onto the course, please follow the instructions at…


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