STEPS (Skills Training Essentials for PGR Students) Blog Re-launch: Contributors Needed!

The STEPS (Skills Training Essentials for PGR Students) newsletter will be re-launching solely as a blog in September 2014 and we need enthusiastic postgraduate bloggers from all faculties and DTCs to help provide the content.

The STEPS Newsletter carried material written by PGRs for PGRs on all aspects of career development and the common challenges faced by undertaking a PhD.

Like the STEPS Newsletter, we want the new STEPS blog to be written by you. Perhaps you attended a training event and feel compelled to share what you learnt? Maybe you successfully passed your first year viva and have advice for those yet to face it? Or did you recently make some useful research connections and have networking tips to share? All of these would make ideal articles for your STEPS blog.

With your help the blog will be filled with up-to-date news on topics such as funding opportunities, conferences and training opportunities to
enhance research careers. It will also provide a space for you to share your experiences and to seek / share advice on how to overcome common challenges.

What we need:
We are looking to establish a team of regular and / or one-off contributors. You can submit articles to the editors whenever you feel inspired to do so or in response to calls for submissions on a particular theme / topic. The length of the blog can vary, but it needs to be topical and newsworthy and engage readers. How often you submit is entirely up to you.

What’s in it for you?
Your new STEPS blog will help to create and enhance a sense PGR community and belonging and provide you and your peers with a community voice and a forum for advice and discussion.

If your article is chosen for publication it will be attributed to you and will help raise your profile, enhance your social media presence and will look great on your CV.

Involvement will allow you to develop your writing skills with access to exclusive blog writing training available only to STEPS contributors.*

How to get involved:
If you would like to get involved please send a sample of your writing or an idea for a blog post (up to 150 words) to no later than 5pm on Friday 5th September.

If you have any questions or you want to find out more about STEPS please email Alex.

*Applicants will be given the chance write their first blog during this short workshop.


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