Your Student Rep

Student Representatives play an important role as liaisons between PGR students and staff at The University of Manchester. They are here to communicate any issues you may have to the relevant staff members so that your concerns may be addressed through the appropriate channels. For more detailed information about the roles and responsibilities of PGR Student Reps please click on this link: PGR Student Rep Policy

Listed below are the current Student Representatives for the MIE PGR Community. If you are not sure who is your student rep please email Debbie Kubiena(at)

Duygu CandarliDuygu Candarli (2016)
Student Rep for MIE PGR Students (3-Year Programmes)
e-mail: duygu.candarli(at)
“As a new student representative, I can say that it has been a great experience to gain a better understanding of how our programmes are run. Working in partnership with other student representatives, I hope to make a difference that will improve the student experience of PhD students at MIE. I feel honoured to have the chance to be a student representative, and I will make every effort to become the voice of my fellow PhD students.”

Sarah Darley-NolanSarah Darley-Nolan (2016)
Joint Lead Senior PhD Rep
email: sarah.darley(at)
“The student rep role really helps to make sure student voices are heard and it’s been a real privilege to represent my fellow students. I’ve also had the opportunity to meet other students and staff from across SEED and get involved in a range of events.”

IMG_4568Eljee Javier (2014)
Student Rep for MIE PGR Scholarship Award Holders (all years)
email: eljee.javier(at)
“Being a student rep during my PhD has given me an inside view of how a university is run. The procedures can be complex and, at times, messy, yet it’s been an interesting experience observing what goes on behind the scenes. There is a phenomenal amount of effort that goes into planning and implementing strategic policies to respond to the different needs of the PGR community, and it’s been a privilege to be part of this as a student rep.”

Dimi KanevaDimitrina Kaneva (2014)
Lead Senior PhD Rep
E-mail: dimitrina.kaneva(at)
“As a student rep I have gained good understanding of how policy works at School level and the value of student voice as a mechanism to drive change. As a result I have developed my leadership skills and awareness of the bigger picture. I started in 2012 as a cohort rep. Consequently, I was involved with representing PhD students during the creation of Manchester Institute of Education and SEED in 2013, which led to my lead rep role. Being a student rep has enabled me to work collaboratively with senior academics, administrative staff, reps and students in SEED to benefit the PGR community and secure the best possible outcomes for students.”

Trudi Martin MIETrudi Martin (2016)
Student Rep for MIE PGR Students (3-Year Programmes)
E-mail: trudi.martin(at)
“We are in a period of transition at MIE, firstly with the change from being the School of Education to the Manchester Institute of Education, and latterly the formation of SEED in 2013. I feel it is important that students are represented so they can influence decision and policy making, and this is particularly important during times of change, such as now. In the short time I have been a student representative I have learnt a lot about how the School is run and the complex nature of University administration! I am very pleased to have been given this opportunity to represent students at MIE and I will endeavour to represent you in the best way I can”

Nerys OwenNerys Owen (2016)
Student rep for First year Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology
email: nerys.owen(at)

“Having a voice, and knowing that you can make a difference is something I very much believe in. This is why I volunteered to be the student rep on behalf of my cohort. Representing other students within Manchester University’s School of Education is a big responsibility, but one that I take on with vigour and enthusiasm.”

Chris Vincent Christopher Vincent
Student rep for MIE PGR Part Time Students
email: christopher.vincent(at)
“I’m new to the role of student representation, however my brief experiences so far have been eye-opening. I have gained valuable insight into the running of the Manchester Institute of Education, and the efforts that are made on behalf of students by staff and my fellow student representatives. It is a great privilege for me to be able attend meetings and provide feedback on behalf of my fellow students and I hope to honour this responsibility accordingly.”


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