The Manchester Institute of Education Alumni are a global community of members from different countries and research areas.  Please click on their names to be taken to their personal websites (if available).

Christiana P. Karousiou (2013)
Thesis titleAn exploratory study into primary teachers’ professional identity and practice at a time of educational reform in Cyprus. 
Research Interests: Michel Foucault, governmentality, teachers’ work and professional identity, educational reform, teachers’ continuing professional development
Bio: Greek-Cypriot, fond of motion pictures, listening to music, playing the piano, linguaphile.

Stephen Rogers (2012)
Thesis title: Personalising learning – “Strangers in a strange land”?
Research interests: public and education policy, student voice and democracy, radical education, sociology and philosophy of education , Alasdair MacIntyre, Charles Taylor, Hannah Arendt
Bio: Part-time student (yr 4), retired Director UFA, enjoy outdoors (especially mountains, bikes and canoes) films, theatre, painting, love football and entertaining growing numbers of grandchildren.

Magdalena De Stefani (2012)
Thesis: Exploring the possible: Empowering language teachers in provincial Uruguay through blended learning.
Research interests: Narrative Inquiry, Teacher Identity, Leadership, Professional Development, Intercultural Communication
Bio: I am Deputy Head at a Primary School in Uruguay. I am Lecturer in Research Methods at Universidad ORT Uruguay, and I integrate the Uruguayan National Association of Researchers (anii).

Maija Salokangas (2013)
Thesis title: Governance in a chain of academies
Interests: school systems, education policy, governance and leadership in education, comparative research
Bio: A primary school teacher from Finland, the land of the PISA miracle, missing snow and heat waves, navigating enthusiastically in the international waters of education (and other fascinating things).


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