The Panel

federal-library13The panel is something that the majority of PhD level students studying at The Manchester Institute of Education must undertake during their first year (full-time) or during their second year (part-time) in order to continue with their research. Essentially it is a short summary of research proposal and their progress to date presented to a panel of 3-5 lecturers and professors.  It is a way of assessing how the student is progressing and if their research is being conducted at an appropriate level.  This is the first major assessment that doctoral level students face and naturally, it can be very stressful.

The stories presented here provide a glimpse into the experiences of those who have gone through this journey.  The actual panel review process may change somewhat from year to year, which make these accounts as unique and diverse as the authors who chose to write about their experiences.  It is hoped that you, the reader, may benefit from their stories in some way.

All works presented here are used with the permission of the authors (and with many thanks).  


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