Magda Rostron (Jan 2012)

Her original post can be found HERE, and for a brief introduction to her research area, please read a quote from the blog post:

“Experiencing education as a cultural other: Qatari students on an English preparatory course for US/UK universities

I propose to undertake a study of Qatari students’ educational experiences on the English language course in an American-accredited institution, the Academic Bridge Program (ABP), Education City, Doha, Qatar, which prepares local students for entry into English-medium universities in Qatar, the US and UK. Given the contextual complexity of the educational processes in which Qatari students are involved while studying in the ABP, I want to explore one cohort’s experience of these processes over the course of an academic year, and to do so using a blend of methods and data types, including scheduled, formal observations; relevant document analysis; teacher and researcher diaries, focus groups and semi-structured interviews with volunteering participants (students and colleagues).

My Panel took place on Thursday, the 26th of January, 2012. I would like to share a few thoughts on how it went and what it meant to me and my study. I don’t think I can compete with Paul Breen’s 2010 extensive and comprehensive report on his Panel experience, but I will try my best to add a few honest and practical remarks…”


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