Things I wish I knew…

Being “the new student” can be a daunting experience! We asked some current students what they wished they knew before they started their PhD studies at The University of Manchester. Here are some of their answers:

Joseph’s (Zhe Zhang) thoughts:
– It took me months to get used to the Manchester accent.
– I should have learned a bit more about the educatonal system in England, which was often mentioned during the on-class discussions.
– I should have brought a few waterproof jackets because it rains so often here.

Eljee Javier’s thoughts:
– I wish someone told me to buy a good, sturdy umbrella because it rains all year. I’ve gone through at least a dozen since I arrived.
– I didn’t need to buy a lot of books at the start of the year because I would be too busy attending lectures and meetings to read them! I could have waited.
– British people won’t sound like the ones you see on TV and films. It took me a while to get used to the local accent (and I’m Canadian)!

Sarah Darley-Nolan’s thoughts:
– Don’t go too crazy buying books early on – the library has a great selection and offers a document supply service, which can access books and journal articles that aren’t available in the library for you.
– Make the most of the first year by experimenting with different methods, theories and ideas.
– It goes very quickly! The university is very big so make sure you have a campus map to help you find your way around – if you’re travelling between the north and south campus you can hop on the free 147 bus.

Magdalena De Stefani’s thoughts:
– It takes some time to get used to the Mancunian accent.
– Get to know as many students as possible, establish networks, socialise, work in collaboration. Friends and colleagues were the most precious things I took home, apart from my degree 😉
– If you can, walk to and from uni. Great way to exercise, save money, and avoid crowded buses.


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